“I’ve always been impressed how even in a social conversation with Karen can get me re-motivated to be the best me. What I was unprepared for was the complete and total transformation she was able to bring about in people I work with — people others were sure could not and would not ever change. I am not overstating it – the change was a complete 180 — absolutely amazing.” –CARRIE

“I desperately wanted to make a change but couldn’t articulate what it was. Karen cut right to the chase in an intelligent, gentle and often humorous way. My journey with her was enlightening, fun and extremely productive. I now know the direction I want to go and have taken my first steps toward a more fulfilling life.”

“Those seeking pinnacles collaborate with extraordinary coaches to gain an edge. Karen is such a coach. One of her gifts is a world-class ability to simultaneously see and hold the whole and piece the parts. She cuts through clutter, noise and red herrings to focus on a series of big fish steps to fuller realization of my vision and goals. Working with Karen is demanding – she’s brilliant, tough, authentic and compassionate – and a blessing. Karen’s coaching gives me an edge.”

“Karen didn’t promise results, but she certainly delivered. Her insight and intuition are dead-on. She helped me to see that despite whatever external obstacles existed, I was the only one truly holding myself back from reaching my goals. Now I am back on my preferred career track in the place where II want to live, and my wife and I just bought a beautiful house. Karen helped make this possible. The lessons I learned from Karen will continue to serve me in my career and in my life.”

“You have truly inspired me and have gotten me excited about making the best out of my life that I possibly can, now that I know effective ways of reaching success… I have learned so much more about how to live a happy and successful life in those short four hours than I would have in ten years of life experience…”

“Karen is the go-to person for those with or without defined goals. From careening careers to rocky relationships, Karen’s practical and inspiring expertise can help any girl or woman improve her life and realize her dreams.”

“It was a privilege to participate in one of Karen’s small group workshops. It’s always nice to know that you’re not alone and that other people are experiencing similar frustrations in attaining their life goals. The workshops were an excellent way for us to find common ground and also to encourage and be accountable to each other.”

“I learned so much from this workshop! I want to do this again!!!!!!”

“this workshop works magic. It’s tremendous the impact this had on me, an opportunity everyone should have.”

“From your questions, I found myself gaining new insights into where I want to take my life. And I learned that if I want to, I can take my life in my hands and go wherever I want to.”

“Karen is incredible at managing all of the emotional and practical aspects of a quick changing landscape. Her calm and focused approach helps keep a balance of excitement and logical thinking. Karen is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.”