executive options

We understand that people in powerful positions face a unique set of pressures. Executive Options coaching provides leaders with a confidential sounding board, informed perspectives, solutions and training techniques. We work to help executives exceed expectations at work, enhance their lives – and increase their bottom line.

Karen Elizaga employs a uniquely holistic approach to guiding corporate clients through challenges and enhancing overall performance in the workplace. With a background as both a corporate lawyer and a company executive, she possesses an insider’s knowledge in the ways of the high performance work force.

life coaching

Who said living life was always easy? All of us are subject to being bound by unproductive behaviors, paralyzed in decision-making, second-guessing our decisions, and ultimately going nowhere. Forward Options life coaching is for men and women who seek a supportive, encouraging environment to cultivate confidence and meet their goals through focused, authentic and accountable actions.

First, Forward Options helps you focus in on what you want (why not actually go after that thing that gives you butterflies in your stomach?), set the intention and take the necessary steps to bring it into reality. We provide a safe environment to share and confront fears, benefit from an objective sounding board, and be held accountable for your actions, all of which ensures progress forward.

Many of our clients make the most progress with a structured, personalized coaching program. Based on the goals, strengths and shortcomings that you share with Karen in your complimentary consultation, she will work with you to custom create your coaching program, designed to ignite motivation and achieve forward progress in your academic, professional and/or personal life.

For women seeking healthful lifestyle solutions and events with a focus on fitness, fashion and fabulous food – be sure to visit Karen’s latest passion project with partner, friend and holistic wellness counselor, Susan Cross, at:


Transitional times, both in work and in life, need not become a breeding ground for doubt, stress or fear. While difficult, times of change are actually an opportune time to redefine yourself according to your authentic beliefs and what it is you want for yourself. Through individual coaching and group workshops, Forward Options uses techniques to transform obstacles into opportunity and to work past periods of confusion and uncertainty. Personal and professional change can be challenging, but we’ll guide your focus toward achieving the successes you seek. Those that thrive in transitional times are those that get in the driver’s seat. Becoming your personal best enables you to stay stable, sharp and open to opportunity – even when life throws something unexpected your way.


Learning is a lifelong process. At any stage, there is always more we can discover about optimizing ourselves for the best possible outcomes in our personal and professional lives. Forward Options’ signature seminar “Be Your Best Self” is entirely customizable (and has been well-received) to focus on the specific needs of groups large and small – from students to professionals.

Our inspired, interactive workshops explore goal-setting, cultivating confidence and self-esteem, motivation and productivity, health, stress-management, work-life balance and so much more. Incorporating effective exercises and spirited discussions, our workshops guide our participants to hone the tools it takes to get ahead at any stage – and are especially ideal in times of transition. Contact us for more information about bringing the benefits of “Be Your Best Self” to your school, professional organization, or even a group of friends!

interview readiness

For first time job seekers, teens transitioning to college life and even seasoned interviewers, Forward Options offers comprehensive seminars, one-on-one coaching and personalized practice sessions geared toward securing and succeeding in that all-important interview. Based upon Karen Elizaga’s forthcoming workbook, the program covers all aspects of the interview – from focusing your search, prepping for the big day, exuding genuine confidence and following up with grace. Topics covered include initial phone etiquette, dressing for success, handling killer questions with poise and tips for today (Definite Do’s: Set social networking profiles to private! Silence that cellphone!) and more.

speaking engagements

Karen Elizaga is available to address groups, schools and professional organizations for short seminars and other occasions.

media interviews

Karen Elizaga is a seasoned speaker, available for on-camera appearances and print interviews. She can share her perspectives with regard to coaching, finding inspiration and purpose, job search and interview strategies, living healthfully and work-life balance. She is also available to pen byline pieces for publications. For media inquiries, call us at 212.829.9461 or email