life coaching

Who said living life was always easy? All of us are subject to being bound by unproductive behaviors, paralyzed in decision-making, second-guessing our decisions, and ultimately going nowhere. Forward Options life coaching is for men and women who seek a supportive, encouraging environment to cultivate confidence and meet their goals through focused, authentic and accountable actions.

First, Forward Options helps you focus in on what you want (why not actually go after that thing that gives you butterflies in your stomach?), set the intention and take the necessary steps to bring it into reality. We provide a safe environment to share and confront fears, benefit from an objective sounding board, and be held accountable for your actions, all of which ensures progress forward.

Many of our clients make the most progress with a structured, personalized coaching program. Based on the goals, strengths and shortcomings that you share with Karen in your complimentary consultation, she will work with you to custom create your coaching program, designed to ignite motivation and achieve forward progress in your academic, professional and/or personal life.

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